Our member reward program:
we will hold the member activities irregularly. These activities include gifts of cash, a very large discount and very cheap goods; giving presents and goods which the corresponding level members could buy. After you become our member, you can enjoy these activities.
The thvend.com membership rewards program:

Account level Points Gold Items Powerleveling Cdkey
Ordinary $0-$199 0.5% 5% 8% 0
Copper $200-$499 1% 6% 10% 0
Silver $500-$999 2% 8% 15% 0
Gold $1000-$1999 3% 10% 20% 0
Platinum $2000-$4999 4% 12% 25% 0.5%
Diamond $5000+ 5% 15% 30% 1%
Once you become our member, you can enjoy 0.5% discount and fifty pointes. If you cost one dollar, you can get one point. When the points reach at a certain amount, the system will upgrade your lever automatically. The higher level can enjoy the higher discount. After you become our diamond member, you can enjoy 5% discount and one-one-one customer service.

Every January, we will give the cash to you according to your spending last year.
We will give the 0.5 % cash of the spending as a reward to you. For example,
if you consumed 1000 dollars in our website, you can get five dollars as feedback.

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  • You can enjoy the member discount after register account.

If the order is still not trading, but you ask for us to refund, you will get a full refund. If the order has been competed a part, we will refund you the rest of amount. If the order encountered the special circumstances because of our mistakes after completing or in the process, we will undertake all to return your current order cost, and give you appropriate compensation. For the disputed order, we will negotiate with you to refund, but you have to pay the extra cost of refund.